Contemporary Collection

$385.00 $350.00

A premium logo package for non-profits.

We work with all of our clients – from initial concept meeting to finalization – in order to foster a foundation for your branding and visual identity. Working with a professional team also ensures both form and function meet industry-standard specification, ready to use across all media vehicles.



This Collection includes 5 Concepts and up to 5 Revisions to the selected Concept, along with a style guide corresponding to the final Concept chosen. * Bonus: You will also receive a Facebook Cover Image & Avatar and Stationery design which includes design files for letterhead, business card, and envelope.

Color palette, industry type, inspirational images, fonts & typefaces, and graphic representations will all be created to match the look and feel desired.

Additional Logo Concepts will be provided for a reduced rate in this package if required. For discount purposes, you will need provide proof of non-profit status by submitting your 501(c)3 letter or certificate. You may send this via e-mail before or after your purchase; we cannot begin your project until we receive this, or you will be charged an additional 10%.

Project Timeline & Schedule of Service

  1. Assessment of required services*
  2. Initial meeting & overview
  3. Creative team begins project
  4. Preliminary logo is delivered within 5-12 days.
  5. Adjustments will be made (included within scope for number of revisions)
  6. Adjusted logo is delivered
  7. Logo is finalized based on feedback.
  8. Business Card, Letterhead, & Envelope designs are provided for review along with your Facebook cover image and avatar.
  9. Upon approval, final files are delivered.

> Read specifications on our FAQ page

*After initial assessment, you will be contacted by our Project Manager if your submitted files and request are not within the scope of service for the specific package and style purchased. You can then discuss available options to either adjust the package, or the style; following resolution our Creative team will begin work. Please be advised that this may disrupt the above timeline.