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Simply tell us why you want to attend all 8 classes by posting to social media by Friday August 31st & we’ll pick 1 person to send through the training, for FREE. If you’re already a posting pro, feel free to get started; otherwise check out a few of our creative examples below, using #BrandWithAvant


About the Training.


The 8 week training series will be broken down into two tracks. First, the Branding & Beyond Series will focus on the essentials of a great brand; taking place during the first four classes. Next, the Marketing Strategy Development Series will focus on building a marketing plan; taking place during the last four classes. Both work together to provide modern marketing foundations.

September 6th: Part 1

The Brand Refresher course

Understanding how your brand is situated in the market place is vital to consumer perceptions of your brand. In this class we will establish what your brand represents through the look, sound and feel that is being projected. Then, we will learn to make appropriate adjustments based on any gaps in your current representation.

September 13th: Part 2

Defining your unique selling proposition

Understanding how to engage with your target audience is vital to the health of your brands communication style. In this class we will establish how to communicate with your ideal audience and then define your unique selling point to a very specific audience.

September 20th: Part 3

The Style Guide development process

Determining the visual confines to work within is vital to establishing a consistent brand presence both on and offline. In this class we will establish the tools necessary to build a strong brand that accompanies marketing and advertising efforts that are both clear and effective.

September 27th: Part 4

Creating Consistent Communication

One of the strongest components behind building a reputable brand presence is to ensure everything you put out consistently represents your brand promise. In this class we will learn how to establish a consistent content creation process that keeps your brand top of mind of your ideal market.

October 11th: Part 1

Create a S.W.O.T. Analysis that drives decisions

A SWOT analysis is a tool for auditing an organization and its environment. It is the first stage of planning and helps marketers focus on key issues that are effecting progress, both internally and externally. In this class we will learn how to use a SWOT analysis to guide marketing decisions. Then together, we will develop your own personalized analysis to use moving forward.

October 18th: Part 2

Defining your S.M.A.R.T. marketing goals

SMART goals are specific, measurable, aspirational, realistic & timely metrics that should drive each and every marketing effort in an organization. In this class we will learn how to determine SMART goals, then develop them for your own organizational marketing strategy.

October 25th: Part 3

How to Develop a Marketing Communication Strategy

Statistically, we are actually worse at marketing than our historical industry counterparts. But that is mostly because communications have changed and we have so many more mediums we must learn and navigate. What used to be straightforward, is now complex and results in a lack of a fully developed integrated marketing mix. In this class we will learn how to develop a simplified plan that both reaches organizational goals and your ideal target market.

November 1st: Part 4

Defining Successful Marketing Metrics

Metrics determine whether you are fulfilling key organization objects through your communication plan. In this class we will learn how to define metrics and budget appropriately to maximize your plans potential.

“I use to hesitate, procrastinate, deliberate, and eventually post… a little, here and there. Now, thanks to Sarah’s classes, I have almost a month of posts scheduled on a content calendar based on the 70/20/10 rule!”

Anna Mae Horn

PTO Reporter, Moon Lake School

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This aint our first rodeo and we’ve got the testimonials to prove it!

With 10 years’ experience in entrepreneurship and business marketing, Avant provides skillful insight into the current digital landscape while providing practical takeaways that can be implemented immediately and the following is an outline of what you can expect to learn during the 8 week course.

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The Chattery is a nonprofit organization based out of Chattanooga, Tennessee that strives to enhance their local community by offering affordable, fun & accessible learning for adults.

This podcast interview by Vayner Media offers a behind the scenes look at their organizational goals and hopes for the future of learning throughout the Tennessee Valley.

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