Writing Company Profiles the Right Way

Learning how to write your company profile, the right way, will benefit your company's image and organization.

By Sarah Stahl, Content Marketing Strategist

Learning how to write your company profile, the right way, will benefit your company by increasing both how you are seen and embraced within the business community as well as help you to organize your important information in a concise manner and allowing you to pull details from it during “icebreaker” conversations. Take a look at this company profile we created for Occidental Management, Inc., below.

Occidental Management Inc. Company Profile

Commercial Real Estate Development Company


Occidental Management Inc. is a full service commercial real estate development company that focuses on sales, investments, and property management.

Occidental Management Inc. is an American Commercial Real Estate Development Company, based in Wichita, Kansas, United States. It is a multi-faceted company that focuses on the entire real estate development lifecycle from acquisition to development to management. The company is currently using its innovative and dynamic techniques to advance 15 properties.

It targets three markets—partners (businesses providing resources towards development efforts), clients (business owners looking to buy/lease commercial property or need property management), and investors (businessmen looking to buy commercial property as an investment opportunity).

CEO Gary Oborny is focused on developing the community through funding and mentoring others to be entrepreneurs. Not only will Occidental Management Inc. sell properties to business owners, but also they will continue to mentor the business owners to be more successful in their community based on Mr. Oborny’s experiences. Mr. Oborny demonstrates her personal passion for building the community based on his involvement in multiple community organizations listed below.


CEO/Chairman Gary Oborny established Occidental Management Inc. in 1997. Mr. Oborny originally started the company to focus on real estate acquisitions. In 2000, the company evolved into a development company when the construction of the Bristol Square property. Since that pivotal moment, Occidental Management Inc. has focused on becoming a turnkey real estate development company.

Direct Competition:

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Slawson Companies – https://www.slawsoncompanies.com/

Weigand Commercial – https://www.weigandcommercial.com/

InSite Real Estate Group – https://www.insitere.com/

Plaza Commercial Real Estate – https://www.plazacommercial.com/

Vantage Point Properties – https://www.vantagepointproperties.com/

Classic Real Estate Inc – https://www.classicrealestate.net/about

Wheeler Kelly & Hagney Investment Co – https://www.wkhinv.com/

Caro Development – https://www.carodevelopment.com/

Address: 811 E. 32nd St. N., Wichita, Kansas 67226
Phone: 316-262-3331
Website: www.occmgmt.com

Company Facts:

Founded: 1997
Chairman/CEO: Gary Oborny
Number of Employees: 12

3-year growth: 42%

2012 Revenue: $6.5 million

2009 Revenue: $4.6 million


2009 & 2013, Finalist, ‘Best in Business’ award through the Wichita Business Journal

2011, Winner, Best Small Business award from the Wichita Metro Area Chamber of Commerce

2011 & 2012, Inc. Magazine named Occidental Management one of the fastest growing privately held companies in America

Community Involvement:

Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce Board Member
Member of the Wichita Area Builders Association
Delegate to the city of Wichita Storm Water Advisory Council
Member of Wichita Independent Business Association
Member of the Downtown Rotary Club
International Council of Shopping Centers for Kansas and Missouri
Community Advisory Board Chair for the Mid-Continent Center for Health Care Simulation Training
Member of Wichita Area Association of REALTORS ®
Wichita Children’s Home
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
American Heart Association
Kansas Big Brothers Big Sisters
St. Vincent DePaul Catholic Church

Key Employees:

Chairman/CEO – Gary Oborny

15 years experience in commercial and residential real estate
Licensed broker and sales representative
Licensed Class A building contractor
Studied Business Entrepreneurialship at Wichita State University

President – Chad Stafford

11 years experience in commercial real estate
Licensed real estate sales representative
Graduated from the University of Kansas

CFO – Todd Richardson

25+ years of progressive accounting finance experience
15 years of hospitality management, development and real estate experience
Certified public accountant
Graduated from Washburn University

Occidental Target Market Persona

Commercial real estate is an industry built around property that is used solely for business purposes. With that basic starting point I was able to identify a very specific customer persona founded on the type of people who start businesses; entrepreneurs.

I used the Facebook’s graph search to identify “people interested in entrepreneurship who live in Wichita Kansas.” The results allowed me to review hundreds of real people and extract a specific persona for this study.

Meet, Max Chamberlin. A loyal employee in marketing and sales at the Cessna Aircraft Company; thinking about starting his own marketing firm.

Max is a 35-45 year old male living in Wichita Kansas with an average annual income of $50,000. He’s inspired that his older brother already owns his own successful business and is making steps to follow in his footsteps.

Max is married to an elementary school teacher, with two school age children himself. Quite adventurous, Max enjoys rock climbing, skydiving and body building. An extrovert that’s a bit rough around the edges, Max is always ready with a witty comeback and continually “dressed for success.”

As an early technology adopter, Max is quite active on social media; specifically twitter. Max always enjoys staying on the cutting edge of business related news articles and getting updates from potential mentors such as Gary Vaynerchuk and Warren Buffet. He’s well educated with a communications background and probably a master’s in marketing. He’s interested in how he can help the local business market and checks in on the Wichita Business Journal quite regularly from his iPad.

Max is indifferent towards Occidental because he assumes only large, successful, companies can afford that scale of business start-up development. He’s not quite sure if he’s at the point in life to necessitate their services.

Max is a hard working always open to efficient tips on how to grow a successful business. He’s looking to build his personal wealth as he learns to work towards a comfortable retirement. He reads biographies of other men that have had extensive business success and hopes to one day influence others in a similar capacity.

As a risk taker he is open to the opportunity to become a venture capitalist, but hasn’t found anything quite worth the risk.

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