Stand Out in the Crowd

The differences between Advertising, Branding, and Marketing – and how they work together to create an effective presence.

Part 1 of the Brand & Beyond Series.

By Merrilee Hale, Creative Director

Promises, perception, and persuasion differ in terms of delivery and method, but one thing is always consistent: you need a strong brand to build on for marketing and advertising efforts to be clear and effective. This section will teach you how these work together so you can stand apart.


Advertising centers on your brand’s promise.

Every time someone sees your brand advertised, you are indicating your promise to provide the services or product that they deserve, and uphold the trust they place in you to keep it. Do you provide something unique to a demographic who finds it difficult to get elsewhere? Do you promote your social responsibility and give back to your community? Do you help people succeed by providing resources that save them time and money?

Whatever your promise is, your advertising will communicate it to your audience.


Branding focuses on how people view and connect with you.

Perception is mirror of your brand, and your message and meaning need to re ect your true vision. The visual, vocal, and vibe aspects need to resonate with your target market. Cool colors promote peace and tranquility, while bright colors create a sense of fun and excitement. Photographs that promote action and movement paired with bright colors will resonate with an active, energetic, and determined audience. A message of exploration and discovery will just enhance your mission.

Perception is what you see at first glance. This includes your visual identity like logo and color palette, photography, slogan or tagline, and overall look and feel. Make it count.


Marketing uses a brand message that engages.

Persuasion isn’t a lie, but a compelling truth that focuses on what your audience already knows about your brand. The right message will be compelling, direct, and easy to interpret. Providing value while offering your services is a great way to display your knowledge and skill so people feel comfortable and con dent that you can give them what they want. Blogs and social media have become increasingly important for businesses and organizations because of this.

Marketing should be used with multiple media vehicles such as print, web, and social media, and includes everything from printed collateral to websites and apps.

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